Three Steps to Completing Your Goals Using Incantations

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The Use Of Incantations In Society


When you read the word incantation what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Is it an image of a shaman completing a ritual as part of a long lost spiritual tradition? Or is it part of an occult ritual from a world view different from your own that you have seen in a horror movie? Or maybe, it’s a prayer conducted by a priest at the conclusion of a Christian service?

The word incantation derives from the Latin word incantātiōn which means the chanting or uttering of words purporting to have special magical powers. Specific uses of incantations can be found in different cultures around the world such as the use of incantations as part of the ancient magical traditions of the Egyptian culture. They can also be found in the Christian tradition with the reciting of prayers at the end of a religious service. Incantations have been used as a component of a culture’s oral tradition for encoding information that they wanted to pass down from one generation to the next generation. They have also been used to strengthen their belief that the chanting or repeating of certain phrases gave them magical powers or connected them to a supernatural being. 

Why do incantations work? What are the benefits of using incantations in your daily life? How do you create an incantation?

Incantations Work Because They Allow You To Change Your Beliefs

ben-white-190081-unsplashA belief is an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof, trust, faith, or confidence in (someone or something). Beliefs are are powerful part of  how our subconscious mind filters the world around us because they affect our emotional state and our actions. If we hold an empowering belief about something then the event is likely to happen and if we hold a limiting belief about something then the event is not likely to happen.

One of my students that I am coaching has exam phobia and believes that she will fail the exam (limiting belief) even though she has prepared for it. And because she believes this she does fail her exams. However, by helping her change her beliefs about taking exams and realising that she knows the material and that exams are a way to showcase what she knows (empowering belief), she has started to pass her exams.

An incantation works because it allows you to change your belief about something by engaging your physiology and the language that you use to describe the event to create an empowering belief and embed it into your subconscious mind.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Incantations In My Daily Life?

pexels-photo-267559.jpegConsidering that most of our beliefs are formed automatically as we filter our life
experiences and that they stack upon each other, being able to change our beliefs about an event in the past is a powerful tool to use to improve the quality of our lives. Incantations allow the creation of a new belief system that supports our vision for our lives and the completion of the goals that we need to achieve in order to create the lives that we desire. They can also be used to as part of a strategy to eliminate limiting beliefs that may be lying dormant in our subconscious and which are preventing us from achieving our true potential. And incantations can also be used by to create a peak physiological and psychological state before completing an event where this would be an advantage. Examples of this would be before competing in an athletic event or walking onto the stage to give a presentation to a large audience.

What are your beliefs about a past event? Are any of the beliefs limiting beliefs that are holding you back? What would happen if you changed these limiting beliefs for empowering beliefs?

How do you create an incantation?

Creating an incantation involves chunking the process down into a series of manageable steps. The steps are as follows:

Determine your limiting beliefs in a segment of your wheel of life

Beliefs tend to be based on the cause and effect model which can be identified with an “I am” …. statement or an “if … then” statement. To identify your limiting beliefs, choose a segment of your wheel of life i.e. physical body and complete the sentences shown below, cycling through the steps and writing as quickly as possible until you cannot think of anything else to write.

  1. I am ….
  2. If I …. then …

For example, you may write ” I am not athletic” or “If I start running then I will injury myself and look foolish.

The reason why you write down your beliefs rather than verbalise them is because writing makes your subconscious crystallise the thought and manifest itself as a physical artefact. The reason why you write as quickly as possible is to bypass your conscious mind with all of its filters and directly access your subconscious mind where the beliefs reside.

Replace Your Limiting Beliefs With Empowering Beliefs

Take a look at the beliefs that you have written down on and determine whether these beliefs support you (empowering beliefs) or do they hinder you (limiting beliefs) in the completion of your goals. Then rewrite the beliefs as empowering beliefs. Using the examples above, the beliefs could be rewritten as “I am athletic” and “If I start running then I will gradually increase the distance I run each week so I will protect my body and look smart”.

Notice how the sentences are also written in the future tense as if the event has already happened. For example, the sentence was not “I am becoming more athletic” but rather “I am athletic”. The reason for this is that if an empowering belief is written in the future tense then the subconscious mind will accept that it is a true statement and therefore will interact with the subconscious mind as if the event is true because it links into the identity of the individual.

 Repeat The Belief With Focus And Emotion

Once you have determined your limiting beliefs and re-written them as empowering beliefs you need to infuse them into your subconscious by the use of emotion. The reason why you say the new belief statement with emotion is that it fuses all three of the steps needed to achieve a breakthrough – physiology, focus and language. The physiology comes from movement, whether you are standing while clapping or cheering or raising your arm in the arm and giving a fist pump, motion equals emotion. The focus comes from focusing on the belief and saying each statement with meaning and passion. The language comes from the belief statement itself – it is empowering and assumes that the belief statement has already occurred.

So, review the new belief statements that you have written down and then say them with emotion and with focused intensity. I say my empowering belief statements when I am walking my dogs or running since this is a good use of my time. I have empowering belief statements for all of the segments of my wheel of life that I repeat on a daily basis.

An Example Of An Incantation


Three Steps to Create A Powerful Incantation

  1. Determine your limiting beliefs in a segment of your wheel of life.
  2. Replace your limiting belief with your empowering beliefs.
  3. Repeat the belief with focus and emotion.

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