by Graeme Matthews

January 11, 2019

Are you considering hiring a tutor for your child?

Maybe it's because you see them feeling frustrated and demoralised when they earn a failing grade on a test. Or maybe you see their report card and wonder if they are living up to their true potential. And maybe you wonder if they will actually attend the university of their choice.

Hiring a tutor for your child is a big decision for parents to make.

You need to consider whether hiring a tutor will help your child earn the grades they need on their exams. And what factors to consider when hiring a tutor so that you hire a quality tutor for your child that helps your child improve their grade in the course and prepares them for their final exams.

Will An A-Level Tutor Help My Child Earn The Grades They Need On Their Exams?

According to The Telegraph, there is an increase in the number of parents who are hiring a tutor for their child in order to supplement their education.

Parents don't hire private tutors because they are dissatisfied with the quality of teaching that is taking place in their children's school. Rather, they hire private tutors either to help their child with a particular subject or because their child is excelling in their studies and they want their child to attend a specific university.

Although some school headteachers frown upon using private tutors and instead suggest that if a student is failing at a subject that they should be tutored in-house by their subject tutor, the viewpoint is different when a child is taking A-levels.

According to the article, David Boddy, head of St James Senior Boys’ School in Ashford, Surrey, believes that private tutoring is of a benefit for A-level students because it gives them a confidence boost, helps them with their work discipline and helps ensure that students get the grades on their exams that they need in order to get into the university of their choice.

Benefit Of Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is of a benefit for A-level students because it gives them a confidence boost, helps them with their work discipline and helps ensure that students get the grades on their exams that they need in order to get into the university of their choice.

10 Factors To Consider When Hiring An A-Level Tutor

Ask for testimonials

A strong tutor will have testimonials from the parents of children they have previously tutored.

Check academic credentials

A strong tutor will have the appropriate qualifications to teach the subject.

Teaching Credentials

Strong tutors are qualified teachers that have teaching credentials. Weak tutors tend to be unqualified teachers.

Criminal Background Check 

Make sure that the tutor has been screened by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).

Rapport With Your Child 

Make sure that the tutor has rapport with your child. To check this, book an initial session with the tutor before committing further.

Academic Strategy

Consider the tutor's academic strategy for your child.


Weak tutors will not have a well thought out plan for the time that they are spending tutoring your child.


Their response will be along the lines of "give your child extra practice with homework" or "go over areas of the course that they are weak at" during the tutoring session.

A strong tutor will have SMART goals such as "review the module on atomic structure " or "review past papers for three weeks."

Tutor Provided Resources

Weak tutors will not have their own resources rather they will ask to borrow your child's textbook.

They will ask your child if they have any questions about the material that they can answer.

Strong tutors have their own resources and will give homework.  In addition, strong tutors will provide you all examination papers for your child's course.

Success Rate

Ask the tutor about their success rate helping students earn the grade they desire on their exams.

Ask how many of their students have earned A*, A or B grades on their A-levels exams.

Ask them how many students started with a failing grade in the course and earned a passing grade on their end of course exams.

Price Of The Session

Teachers are busy professionals and are either writing lesson plans, teaching students or marking papers.

Check the market price of tutors at various agencies or independent tutors in your area.

Beware of tutors who are marketing themselves a lot cheaper than other tutors tutoring the same subject.

They are either starting out as a tutor and are inexperienced in tutoring or are building a list of referrals so that they can market themselves as a stronger tutor in the near future and increase their prices.

You know the old saying "if it's too good to be true then it probably is."

Online Or Face To Face Tutoring.

Some parents prefer to drop their child off at an agency to be tutored and don't mind paying the markup that the tutoring agency charges.

They enjoy the convenience of having someone else handle the scheduling of the sessions and the paperwork involved in the background check. 

Some parents want the teacher to come to their house and tutor their child in their home.

They don't want the hassle of having to travel to the tutoring agency several times a week and drop off and pick up their child. 

Other parents are more technically savvy and want their child to be tutored online.

They understand that by working with a tutor online their child can have access to tutors that may not be otherwise available to them due to geographical constraints. 

According to Digital Journal, online tutoring is expected to grow in popularity at a rate of 14% per year until 2021.


10 Factors To Consider

  • Ask For Testimonials
  • Check Academic Credentials
  • Check Teaching Credentials
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Rapport With Your Child
  • Academic Strategy
  • Tutor Provided Resources
  • Success Rate
  • Price Of The Session
  • Online Or Face To Face

How To Help Your Child Get The Grades

Every parent wants to see their child be academically successful and attend the university of their choice.

They want to see their child have a better social position in life than they did in their lives.

And every child wants to pass their coursework and exams with the best grades that they can earn and have less stress and frustration when completing their homework assignments and studying for their exams.

A tutor is someone who is a subject matter expert, someone who motivates your child to succeed and who believes in them.

Maybe a tutor is a solution to the challenge that your child is having with their academic studies.

If you are considering hiring a tutor for your child you may want to read the blog post "Need A Tutor? Should I Go With A Franchise Tutor For My Child?", in order to understand the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a franchise tutor.

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