6 Steps To A-Level Success

Welcome to the course 6 steps to A-level success. This course teaches you the skills you need to know to be successful in your A-levels. Read through the course description below and click on the appropriate blue button to go to each day of the course. Make sure that you implement the skills that you are learning in each day of the course by practising them every day.

Day 1: Get Organised

Learn how to get organised so that you have a successful first day! Includes tips on folders, papers, pens, what calculator to buy, the best way to commute to school, what school diary to use and what apps you need to have installed on your smartphone. Get Organised! Stay Organised! Maximise Your Time!

Day 2: Note-taking strategies

Have a successful first lesson! Learn note-taking strategies used by university students so that you capture all of the information in the lesson: from PPT presentations, handouts, videos, group activities to what’s written on the whiteboard. Then create a master set of notes to ensure exam success!

A-Level Mark Schemes

Day 3: Managing Your Workload

Learn how to manage your time effectively so that you maintain a school-life balance. Learn how to plan your week so that you have plenty of time to complete your weekly reading and homework assignments and revise for your tests. Learn how to complete homework assignments days before they are due!

Day 4: Studying For EOU Tests

Learn how to study effectively for your EOU tests to lock in a high course grade! Learn how to use the specification along with your notes, homework sets and PPQ to earn top marks on every test. Learn to think like your teacher so that you can predict what key concepts are going to be on the test. Maximise your course grade!

Day 5: Studying For Final Exams

Learn how to study effectively for your UCAS prediction and final exams! Earn the UCAS and final exam grades you need to get and secure offers from the university of your choice. Learn how to effectively revise one or two years of material across all topics and how to effectively answer all question types.

Day 6: Mind Set

Learn how to develop the growth mindset, laser-like focus and determination you need to complete your A-level courses. Learn how to work under pressure with multiple deadlines. Learn how to develop confidence when taking exams to eliminate any nervousness on exam day. 


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