Day 1: Get Organised

Day 1 of the course is about getting organised for your A-levels. Although it sounds easy getting organised is important if you want to earn top grades in your A-level courses. You don’t want to turn up to class on the first day and look like you don’t know what you are doing!

Part 1: Organise Your Folders

Learn how to organise two years worth of notes into a set of well-organised folders. Learn simple systems so that you never lose another resource your teacher gives you again!

Part 2: Organise Your Workspace

Learn how to organise your workspace for maximum efficiency. No matter where you are studying learn how to have a well-organised workspace for peace of mind so that you look forward to studying for your A-levels.

Part 3: Organise Your Time

Learn how to organise your time for maximum efficiency! Learn how to easily record due dates for homework sets, practicals, term papers, EOU tests and final exams. Learn how to leverage your commute time so that you are using down-time to your advantage.

This module also includes a summary of what was covered in day 1 of the course.


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