Day 3: Managing Your Workload

Day 3 of the course is about managing your workload for your A-level courses. Learning how to effectively manage your workload is an important skill to learn so that you don’t become mentally fatigued and emotionally burnt out as you complete your A-levels.

Part 1: Reactive and Proactive States

Learn about reactive and proactive states of mind and how they affect your ability to manage your workload.

Part 2: Long Term and Medium Term Planning

Learn how to plan your term so that you capture all of the due dates for your assignments. Learn how to always know what is due in the next week of the course so that you aren’t working in a reactive state of mind.

Part 3: The 3-Day Rule And Short Term Planning

Learn how to use the 3-day rule which moves you from a reactive state to a proactive state of mind. Learn how to always have your assignments completed a day before they are due in all of your courses. Learn how to use the 3-day rule with short term planning so that you maximise your study time.

This module also includes a summary of what was covered in day 3 of the course.


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