Day 4: Studying For EOU Tests

Day 4 of the course is about how to study for your EOU tests. Earning your predicted grade or higher is important because your course grade is used in conjunction with your UCAS prediction exam grade to form your predicted grade which is sent off to the universities by your teacher.

Part 1: Preparation Is Key

Learn why preparation is key when studying for your EOU tests and what to do if you aren’t prepared.

Strategy 1: Revise By Question Type

Learn how to study by question type rather than just completing past papers. This module teaches you how to study by question type, learn from your mistakes and improve your grade on the next past paper in the shortest amount of time possible.

Strategy 2: Use The Mark Scheme To Guide Your Revision

Learn how to revise using the mark scheme so that you study what is coming up on the EOU test. This module teaches you how to use to mark scheme so that you revise keywords and phrases or quality of language. It also teaches you how to earn the maximum number of points on each question on the test. And it teaches you how to effectively update your notes.

Strategy 3: Think Like A Teacher

Learn how to think like a teacher when study for your EOU test. This module teaches you how to predict what questions are most likely going to be on the test based on major topics, synoptic questions and challenging types of questions.

Strategy 4: Take Practice Tests Under Timed Conditions

Learn how to take practise tests under timed conditions to maximise your grade on the EOU test. This module teaches you why increasing the speed that you complete practice tests while maintaining a high level of accuracy will help you when you take your EOU test.


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