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I help students earn the grade they need in A-level Chemistry to get into top universites in the UK

Spend 90 days working directly with me today and earn the grade you deserve in A-level Chemistry.

About Me

I have taught over 10,000 students in my teaching career. Most have gone onto to become doctors, scientists and engineers. Start working directly with me today and earn the grade you deserve in A-level Chemistry.

I focus on three key areas: core concepts, exam preparation and exam psychology. I believe that if you master these three areas you unlock the secret to earning the grade that you want in A level chemistry.

The EmPowerMind Story

I started EmPowerMind because I was frustrated with what I saw in the school system.

Students who earned good grades in their GCSE’s sitting in an A-level Chemistry class and not understanding what the teacher was teaching them.

Students who were putting in the time to revise for their tests and exams but were getting failing grades because they didn’t know how to study for their A-levels.

Students who started out with dreams of becoming a doctor becoming fed-up because they were earning bad grades on their tests and exams.

EmPowerMind is all about helping students earn an A* in A-level Chemistry. I am excited about EmPowerMind because my mission is to help students around the world understand the concepts taught in A-level Chemistry and earn an A* on their exam! And this is the change that I want for you!

So, I had a lightbulb moment!

What would happen if I wrote a blog that taught students how to revise for A-level Chemistry?

Not just the same tired old advice that teachers give their students such as “take better notes” or “do more practice papers”, but revision skills used by students who earned an A* in A-level Chemistry!

Then I had another light bulb moment!

Could I use technology to reach my students so that they could learn how to revise when it was convenient for them using their smartphone?

I had been told by too many headmasters and senior teachers that this “wasn’t an effective use of the student’s time” and that they only way they could pass their exams was to “complete packs of past paper questions using a pencil and a calculator!”

And this is how EmPowerMind was born! The perfect fusion of e-courses and online tuition to allow students from around the world to understand A-level Chemistry!

Simple and easy.

Start Earning An A* In A-Level Chemistry

Work with me directly for 90 days and watch your grade skyrocket in A-level Chemistry