About Us

EmPowerMind provides bespoke online tuition in A-level chemistry to an international audience of students. At EmPowerMind, we believe that grades in A-level chemistry that secure students an offer at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities are earned through the correct combination of strategies in study skills, exam preparation and exam taking techniques along with a solid understanding of the course material. This is achieved by building a strong foundation in these areas which is part of the long game rather than cramming for exams at the last minute and hoping for the best on the day of the exam.

At EmPowerMind we use a triad of tools and strategies in order to help our tutees reach their full potential on the exam: technology, teaching and psychology. We use the latest digital paper and video conferencing software available on the market today in order to provide our tutees with the most immersive online learning environment available in online tuition. We draw upon over twenty years of international teaching experience to be able to explain the difficult concepts in the course in a manner that our tutees understand so that they correctly answer these types of question on the exam. And we use elements of psychology to help our tutees build a powerful mindset that allows them to use their time efficiently, study effectively using the latest theories of educational research and neuroscience, use the latest exam taking techniques and overcome any exam anxiety or phobias.


Start Earning an A* Today!

Graeme Matthews shares ten study strategies he teaches his students to help them earn an A* on their end of topic and final exams. He develops A* students one student at a time using his proven study system developed with his students over the last 23 years. 

At EmPowerMind we develop successful A-level chemistry students one learner at a time.