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Welcome to the appointment calendar for EmPowerMind. This page allows you to schedule A-level and AP chemistry online tuition for your child. Please use the calendar to schedule a free discovery call to see if working with EmpowerMind is a good fit for your child. Or, use the calendar to schedule an online lesson for either A-level or AP chemistry.

To do so, click on the type of event that you want to schedule. Then click on the day that you want to schedule your discovery call or lesson. The calendar will show you the times that are available in your time zone. Click on the time that you want and enter your contact information.

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A-level and AP chemistry online tuition is an excellent financial investment and use your child’s revision time wisely.

Proven Track Record Of Success

At EmPowerMind we have a proven track record of the success of the students who have used our A-level and AP chemistry online tuition. Most of our students make an average improvement of three letter grades throughout the course of an academic year. The vast majority of our A-level students earn an A on their UCAS prediction exams. All of our A-level students meet or exceed their predicted grade on their final exam in A-level chemistry. And most importantly, all of our students went on to attend the university of their choice such as Russell Group universities.


Please take a moment to check out the testimonials of the parents of children who have used our services by visiting our testimonials page. On this page, you will read the testimonials of several parents who made the right decision by using the services that EmPowerMind offers and whose children are following their chosen academic path.