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What Results Can Your Child Expect By Working With Me

Increase In Their Course Grade

A lot of students increase their course grade on average by three letter grades in an academic year.

Earn An A or A* On Their Final Exam

A lot of students earn an A or an A* on their final exam in A-level Chemistry

Earn Their Predicted Grade Or Higher

Most students earn their predicted grade or higher on their final exam.

Online Tuition

Students use online tuition so the tutoring session fits into the parent's busy schedule.

Proven Track Record Of Success

I have a proven track record of helping students like your child earn an A* in A-level Chemistry. Most of my students make an average improvement of three letter grades throughout the course of an academic year. The vast majority of my students earn an A on their UCAS prediction exams. All of my A-level students meet or exceed their predicted grade on their final exam in A-level chemistry.

And most importantly, all of my students went on to attend the university of their choice such as Russell Group universities.

Really Engaging Tutor

Really engaging tutor with so many resources that will challenge, enhance and bring excitement to your learning. I feel really motivated in the lessons and with my A-levels. The extensive support I have been given under Graeme`s tutelage has been fantastic. I would highly recommend!

Sruthri Sarvanan



Fantastic Tutor

Graeme is a fantastic tutor who well understand tutee`s needs. He explain the subject clearly and not only focusing his tutee to achieve an outstanding marks but to developing confidences. He is tutoring Chemistry to our daughter who is on year 12 and we are entirely satisfied with him.

Mr Habbi



Excellent Tutor

Graeme is an excellent tutor, he puts a lot of effort in his lesson, he helped my daughter to build up her confidence, supportive and very good in giving exam tips . I recommend him for everyone.

Dr El-Aalem