Changed A Grade Of An E Into A Grade Of A C In 90 Days

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The Challenge: From The Student's Perspective

Jacob felt as if he wasn't prepared for his A-levels. He had passed GCSE triple science with a grade that was high enough for him to be accepted into A-level Chemistry. And he found the required practicals, the "hands-on part where you get to do something", an activity that held his interest.

But, he didn't connect with the theory side of the course. He didn't blame his teacher because he knew that his teacher was trying his best. But, a few minutes into each of his lessons he lost interest and became confused as to what the teacher was talking about in the lesson. 

And he left each lesson with a spiral bound notebook full of hastily copied down notes, some worksheets that he had started in the lesson but didn't have time to complete and an assignment that was due at the beginning of the next lesson. And of course, the weekly homework set that he didn't have time to complete properly before it was due!

What made it worse for Jacob is that he had failed his UCAS prediction exam with an E!

He felt demoralised and frustrated with his A-level grades. He felt let down by his school because although he put effort into his homework sets and studying for his tests and exams, he felt as if he wasn't prepared for his A-levels.

And he had been predicted an E in A-level Chemistry!

He was left wondering what career choices he had with a predicted grade of an E in A-level Chemistry.

Challenge Highlights

  • Felt that he was not prepared to take A-level Chemistry.
  • Didn't think that spending extra time studying and revising for his tests and exams would improve his grade.
  • Felt demoralised with A-level Chemistry because he had been predicted a grade of an E.

The Solution: How I Approached The Challenge And Why

I approached the challenge of helping Jacob by teaching him effective study skills and revision strategies and improving his self-confidence

Solution Core Concepts

An in-depth review of all of the concepts in the A-level Chemistry specification.

I reviewed all of the core concepts in the course with Jacob making sure that he got the big picture of each of the concepts. I also showed Jacob how to take notes during his lesson and how to re-write his notes after he had completed his reading assignment so he could revise from them.

Solution Exam Preparation

A systematic approach to revision that adapts based on the results of tests and exams. 

I taught Jacob how to effectively revise for his topic tests and final exam. I showed him how to revise each question type using a systematic approach to his revision. And I taught Jacob how to change his approach to his revision sessions based on his homework and topic test grades.

Solution Exam Psychology

A system to quickly build and maintain a high degree of confidence in your test taking abilities.

I taught Jacob strategies that he could use to process the negative feelings that he had about his predicted grade in A-level Chemistry. And I showed him techniques that he could use that would allow him to build up his self confidence based on improvements on his grades on his homework and topic tests.

He is a great tutor and explains the subject really well! He will also teach you how to study and take the exam which is not always taught in schools. His teaching make sense. Very happy with his teaching!

- jacob SAkmani

The Result: Jacob Earned A C In A-Level Chemistry

Jacob earned an C in A-Level Chemistry. He is currently completing a degree in pharmacy.

Breakdown of the percentage of students who completed the following after working with me directly for 90 days.

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Earned a grade of a C


What Students And Parents Are Saying

Stay Motivated In Your Studies

Graeme teaches the specification to the finest detail which is what earned me my high grade. The time and effort he spent with me meant I could obtain amazing results in the exams. I could not have done it without him.

Alison Phelan, Student

Learn How To Study

He is a great tutor and explains the subject really well. He will also teach you how to study and take the exam which is not always taught in schools. His teaching make sense. Very happy with teaching.

Jacob Sakmani, Student

Very Supportive

Graeme is an excellent tutor. He puts a lot of effort into his lessons. He helped my daughter to build her self confidence. He is supportive and very good at giving exam tips. I recommend him for everyone.

Dr. El-Aalem

Build Self-Confidence

My son is taking AS Chemistry in a few weeks and was struggling with some of the course work. He now seems a lot more confident and that is partly due to Graeme`s excellent mentoring and dedicated one-to-one approach. I highly recommend him. He is very patient and good with young people.

Helen Jacques, Parent

My Interview About Jacob's Success Story

Watch my interview to learn how Jacob earned a C in A-level Chemistry.

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