Earned An A On Her UCAS Prediction Exam

"I feel really motivated in the lessons and with my A-levels."



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The Challenge: From The Student's Perspective

Suthri had a course grade of a B and was preparing for her UCAS prediction exam at the end of year.

She was a hard working student who was willing to put the time and the effort into her studies in order to get the grade that she wanted. Suthri had a dream of attending medical school and knew the many years of hard work ahead of her before she became a medical doctor. 

And yet, no matter how many hours of studying she did when preparing for a topic test she always earned the grade of a B. And no matter how many packs of past paper questions she completed for a topic test she always scored the grade of a B!

Suthri was frustrated with her grade in A-level Chemistry!

Her other A-level subjects were going well and she was easily able to score an A or an A* on her topic tests. She was confident that she could earn an A on her UCAS prediction exams in those courses. It just seemed as if A-level Chemistry was bringing her grades down! 

Her teacher had told her that she would probably earn a B on her UCAS prediction exam in A-level Chemistry. If this turned out to be true then she wouldn't be predicted the grades that she needed in order to apply to medical school. 

Challenge Highlights

  • Frustrated with A-level Chemistry because she couldn't earn high grades on her topic tests.   
  • Spending hours revising for her tests and exams only to receive average grades.
  • Growing concern that she would not get the grade that she needed in order to apply to medical school.

The Solution: How I Approached The Challenge And Why

I approached the challenge of helping Suthri by teaching her effective study skills and revision strategies.

Solution Core Concepts

An in-depth review of all of the concepts in the A-level Chemistry specification.

I reviewed all of the core concepts in the course with Suthri and focused on key areas in which she showed a weakness. I also showed Suthri how to create an effective set of notes so that she could descrease her study time and spend more time revising for her topic tests and exams.

Solution Exam Preparation

A systematic approach to revision that adapts based on the results of tests and exams. 

I taught Suthri how to effectively revise for her topic tests and final exam. I showed her how to recognise key question types and how to effectively answer using a systematic approach. And I taught Suthri how to adjust her revision strategy based on her topic test grades.

Solution Exam Psychology

A system to quickly build and maintain a high degree of confidence in your test taking abilities.

I taught Suthri strategies to improve her self confidence and to be able to take constructive feedback. I showed her how to mentally prepare herself for her tests and exams and how to overcome any doubts so that she gave her best performance on the day of the exam.

Really engaging tutor with so many resources that will challenge, enhance and bring excitement to your learning. I feel really motivated in the lessons and with my A-levels. The extensive support I have been given under Graeme`s tutelage has been fantastic. I would highly recommend!


The Result: Suthri Earned An A On Her UCAS Prediction Exam

Suthri earned an A on her UCAS prediction exam in A-level Chemistry. She is currently completing her degree at the University of Nottingham.

Breakdown of the percentage of students who completed the following after working with me directly for 90 days.

Improved their course grade


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Percentage of students who earn an an A* on their final exam

Details completed:

Earned a grade of a A


Earned a grade of a B


Earned a grade of a C


What Students And Parents Are Saying

Stay Motivated In Your Studies

Graeme teaches the specification to the finest detail which is what earned me my high grade. The time and effort he spent with me meant I could obtain amazing results in the exams. I could not have done it without him.

Alison Phelan, Student

Learn How To Study

He is a great tutor and explains the subject really well. He will also teach you how to study and take the exam which is not always taught in schools. His teaching make sense. Very happy with teaching.

Jacob Sakmani, Student

Very Supportive

Graeme is an excellent tutor. He puts a lot of effort into his lessons. He helped my daughter to build her self confidence. He is supportive and very good at giving exam tips. I recommend him for everyone.

Dr. El-Aalem

Build Self-Confidence

My son is taking AS Chemistry in a few weeks and was struggling with some of the course work. He now seems a lot more confident and that is partly due to Graeme`s excellent mentoring and dedicated one-to-one approach. I highly recommend him. He is very patient and good with young people.

Helen Jacques, Parent

My Interview About Suthri's Success Story

Watch my interview to learn how Suthri earned an A on her UCAS prediction exam in A-level Chemistry.

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