If you are reading this page on my website then you are a student who is taking A-level Chemistry and wants me to tutor them. And you are either unhappy with your course grade, are not satisfied with your predicted grade or have to get a certain grade in A-level Chemistry in order to meet your university entrance requirements. And you want to enrol at an Oxbridge, Russell Group or a Division One university!

Here are the answers to the most common questions I have been asked.

How Will Online Tutoring Help Me With A-Level Chemistry?

If you want me to tutor you in A-level Chemistry then we start with a videocall. The reason I start with a videocall is that if you want to work with me then you have to be comfortable learning in an online environment and using videoconferencing software. If you can handle a videocall then you have proven to me that you can use technology!

In this video call we discuss where you are in your A-level Chemistry course in terms of course content, grade in the class, MEG and predicted grade. And the grade that you want to earn in the course so that you can get into the university of your choice. Then you book out a series of weekly online tutoring sessions.

During these tutoring sessions I teach you the following: study skills that will allow you to learn and retain the course material, in-depth review of the course material and exam taking techniques. By developing these three key areas you will see your grade in the course increase and your confidence will begin to soar!

Please read my blog post on “How Does Online Tutoring Work? And Is It Effective?” for a more detailed explanation of how online tutoring works.”

How Long Are Online Tutoring Sessions?

Online tutoring sessions are one hour long which is the length of time of a regular class in school. One hour is an optimal length of time for a tutoring session because it allows me to teach a topic in depth and to answer any questions that you may have about the topic. It is also the optimal time for you to be able to concentrate in a session. If more time is needed for you to understand the topic an extra session can be scheduled.

Do You Teach An Exam Preparation Course That Will Help Me With A-Level Chemistry?

I believe the best way to achieve the grade that you want in A-level Chemistry is to develop good revision skills, understand the course material and develop good test taking strategies. This is achieved through a long term approach to studying for the course rather than cramming for the exam at the last minute.

I offer an exam preparation course for students in good academic standing once a year during the study period leading up to the summer exams. This course is designed to review the topics covered in the course and to teach the more conceptually difficult topics or A* questions found on the exams. It is not designed as a crash course for students with a weaker understanding of the course material to cram the material for their upcoming exams.

Do You Ever Do In Home Tutoring?

No. The focus of the company is to provide online revision courses in A-level Chemistry. Online tutoring is offered in A-level Chemistry on a limited basis for those students that need extra support in their academic studies.

I believe that it is important to be fair to all students who want to hire me as a tutor regardless of their geographic location. By only offering online tuition all students can access my tutoring skills regardless of where they are located in the world.

What Are Your Tutoring Rates?

Please contact me for the tutoring rates for the 2020 – 2021 academic year.

Why Do You Tutor A-Level Chemistry Online As an Online Chemistry Tutor?

I formed EmPowermind in order help students learn A-level Chemistry using online learning. The focus of the company is to provide online revision courses in A-level Chemistry. However, I am available to tutor A-level Chemistry on a limited basis using videoconferencing.

I use videoconferencing to tutor A-level Chemistry because it allows me to tutor students on an global basis rather than being restricted to only teaching students local to me. The same teaching and tutoring skills used in face to face tutoring sessions are used in the online setting with similar results. This allows me to tutor A-level Chemistry to students internationally and allows students to access quality tutoring and resources that may not be able available to them locally.

I believe it is important to help students with their A-level Chemistry studies regardless of where they are located in the world.


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