How Does Online Tutoring Work?

Online tutoring starts with a conversation with both the parent and the child. This conversation allows the tutor to understand the parent’s areas of concern regarding their child’s academic progress. It also allows the child to discuss any difficulties that they may have with specific topics being taught in the course, study skills or exam anxiety. The objective of the conversation is to have a clear outcome in terms of grade on the final exam, improvement in the mark book grade, improvement in study and test taking skills and reduction in test anxiety.

Next, the tutor develops a bespoke plan to help your child achieve these objectives in an efficient manner. The tutor works with your child on a weekly basis in order to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be in their studies. Each month your child’s progress towards these objectives is monitored through the review of assessment materials such as homework sets and end of topic tests set by your child’s teacher. This allows the tutor to update and modify the instruction being delivered to your child in order to meet the objectives.

How Long Are Online Tutoring Sessions?

Online tutoring sessions are one hour long which is the length of time of a regular class in school. One hour is an optimal length of time for a tutoring session because it allows the tutor to teach a topic in depth and to answer any questions that your child may have about the topic. It is also the optimal time for your child to be able to concentrate in a session. If more time is needed to meet the objectives of the child then an extra session can be scheduled.

Do You Teach An Exam Preparation Course?

At EmPowerMind, we believe that the best way for your child to achieve the grade that they want in the course is to understand the course material, develop good study skills and test taking strategies and to minimise test anxiety. This is achieved through a long term approach to studying for the course rather than cramming for the exam at the last minute.

EmPowerMind offers an exam preparation course for students in good academic standing once a year during the study period leading up to the summer exams. This course is designed to review the topics covered in the course and to teach the more conceptually difficult topics or A* questions found on the exams. It is not designed as a crash course for students with a weaker understanding of the course material to cram the material for their upcoming exams.

Do You Ever Do In Home Tutoring?

Due to the national and international demographic of parents that use the tutoring services that EmPowerMind offers, tutoring is only offered on an online format. In exceptionally rare cases, if the parent is located in London, then in-home tutoring may be possible. However, in-home tutoring assumes a two hour minimum for the tutoring session and that the parent pays for the cost of travel and travel time to and from their home.

What Are Your Tutoring Rates?

Please contact us for the tutoring rates for the 2018 – 2019 academic year.

Why Do You Tutor Chemistry Online As an Online Chemistry Tutor?

EmPowermind was formed in order to tutor chemistry to students on an international basis rather than be restricted to only teaching students that were in the same geographical locale as the tutors. The same teaching and tutoring skills employed by the tutors at EmPowerMind that achieved the parents and the child’s objectives in face to face tutoring sessions are transferred to the online setting with similar results. Tutoring chemistry to students internationally allows students to access quality tutoring and resources that they may not be able locally available to them.