I’m Graeme Matthews and welcome to my website.

I provide bespoke online revision courses and chemistry tuition in A-level Chemistry to an international audience of students. What makes my company different to other educational companies is that I provide a complete solution to your problem – earning an A* in A-level Chemistry.

I focus on getting you the grade in A-level Chemistry that you need in order to be eligible to attend an Oxbridge, Russell Group or a Division One university. I do this by providing a quality education in A-level Chemistry through online learning. This includes online courses that you can access with your smartphone at a time and a place that is convenient for you.

So, if you’re interested in improving your course grade, passing your UCAS exam with a high grade or earning an A* at the end of the course then make sure that you download my free e-book. It’s a great place to start!

I believe that the path to an A* in A level Chemistry involves three content areas: course content, exam preparation and exam psychology. I publish new content each week in one of these areas to help you along the path to an A*.

The latest video in each content area is shown below. If you like the videos feel free to click on the menu (hamburger icon) and click on the appropriate page. Or, subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Course Course Content

A large component of being successful in your study of A level Chemistry involves understanding the course content.

A deep understanding of the course content is what is going to help you earn an A*. If you just understand the course content enough to complete the HW set or PPQ assigned by your teacher you will earn a C on your tests or exams. However, if you have a deep understanding of the course content to the level that you can teach it to someone else then you will earn an A* on your tests or exams.

To help you understand the core conncepts at a deep level I publish videos on the course content for A level Chemistry on a regular basis. In each video I explain the topic in depth, work through several PPQ and discuss how to earn the maximum number of marks on each type of question for that topic.

Exam Preparation

Another large component of being successful in your A-level studies is to be prepared for your tests and exams.

But what exactly does it mean to be prepared for your exams? Keeping your desk and folders organised? Having a time table that you follow? Completing packs of past paper questions? Attending subject tutorials?

Having a thorough understanding of how to prepare for your tests and exams will increase your grade. Spending time learning how to prepare for your tests and exams takes time out of your revision timetable but it’s a great investment of your time. Why? Because you learn how to study more efficiently and more effectively. So the time you spend learning how to prepare for your exams builds up momentum so you save time in the long run.

I produce videos on a regular basis on how to prepare for your exams. The topics of my videos include how to take effective notes, how to use mark schemes to help you with your revision and how to create a powerful revision plan.

Exam Psychology

Or, if you are a student who would rather learn by watching a live tutorial then sign up for my free live master classes! It’s another great place to start!

Learn How To Earn An A* In A Level Chemistry With These FREE Master Classes  Held Every Week!

Are You A Student Who Wants To Earn An A* In 90 Days?

In these master classes  you'll learn how to study like an A* student. You will learn:

  • Course Content -  In depth teaching of the core concepts included in the Year 12 and the Year 13 syllabus.
  • Exam Preparation -  Learn how to efffectively revise for exams and the tips and strategies you need to use to earn the highest grade possible on your tests and exams.
  • Exam Psychology -  Learn how to keep a positive mind set, accept feedback and keep motivated during the two years of your A-level Chemistry course.
Hidden Content

And view the video below to learn how I can help you earn the grade that you want in A-level Chemistry.

I offer online courses that teach the content of the Year 1 and Year 2 specification for A-level Chemistry. My courses work with all exam boards.

I also offer online tutoring in A-level Chemistry on a limited basis for those students that want some extra support with their studies.

You may be wondering about online tuition in A-level Chemistry.

Maybe your asking questions such as “Is it as effective as face to face tuition when the teacher works with you at your home? What technology do you need to be tutored online? How do you get the resources? How do you pay?”

Feel free to check out my FAQ and About Me pages where you can read the questions asked by previous students and their parents.

Interested in earning an A* in A-level chemistry in 90 days? Of course you’re interested! What student wouldn’t want to turn a failing grade into a grade they can be proud of in 90 days?

Fill out the form and download your free e-book! It’s where all students who want to earn an A* start out!


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