About Me.

Parents and students have asked me why I tutor A-level Chemistry and why I created my company. This is my story - why I chose to tutor A-level Chemistry and why I formed my company.

My Experience With School

When I was in school, I wish that I had teachers that explained concepts to me in a way that I understood. And that I knew how to study my course material in a way that made sense to me. And that I had a revision strategy that allowed me to earn grades on my topic tests and final exams that matched my ability and understanding of the course material. And I wish that I had the skills, tools and resources that I needed in order to keep myself focused on and motivated with my studies.

I wish I had the resources that EmPowerMind offers its students when I was in school - thorough content knowledge, study skills and revision strategies and mental resiliance and motivational tips.

Avoiding The Same Mistake With My Current Students

Being an A-level chemistry teacher, I saw in my students what I saw in myself all those years ago. Students that weren’t earning a grade that reflected their true potential in A-level Chemistry. Not because they weren’t trying but because they didn’t have the study skills and revision strategies necessary to gain a deep understanding of the core concepts in the course. And they didn’t have the mental resilience to remain focused on their studies or motivated to perform at their best throughout the course. And so, they fell into a downward spiral of poor topic test and exam grades that led to a lack of focus and motivation.

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An Idea For A Different Kind Of Tutoring Company

I decided to create a company that gave students the resources and tools that they need in order to develop into well qualified A-level chemists.

I didn’t want to create another typical tutoring company in an already busy space. A company that offered students a short-term solution to their current problem just before another problem arrived.

I didn't want to create a tutoring company that offered a quick fix to a problem by helping a student with their homework or helping them cram for topic tests or exams.

I wanted to create a company that solved the student's problem with A-level chemistry holistically, its services were accessible to all students regardless of geographical location, it offered its services on a sliding ability to pay and the child could learn at their own pace.

A Holistic Approach To Tutoring

My company's first core value is that it solves the problems a student is having with A-level Chemistry from multiple perspectives.

This value is an important value to me because of my own past experience with education. I can recall taking courses at university and wondering was there a more efficient way to study the material and revise for tests than the way that I doing it?

I found that understanding the subject content was part of the problem, not having efficient study skills and revision strategies was another part of the problem and and dwindling mental resiliance and motivation was the last part of the problem.

So when I put my company together, I made sure that my tutoring service and the other products I offer address these issues. 

This is because I believe that if your child masters these three areas they will unlock the secret to earning the grade that they want in A-level chemistry.

I believe that the best way to help a child become a qualified A-level chemist is to solve their problem with A-level chemistry holistically.

I focus on three key areas: core concepts, exam preparation and focus and motivation.

Tutoring Accessible To All Students Regardless Of Geographical Location

My company's second core value is that I only offer online A-level Chemistry tuition. 

One reason for this is that I want my services to be available to all students regardless of their geographic location. It didn't really seem fair to me that if a student didn't live in the same city as me that they couldn't access my services. By only offering online tuition I leveled the playing field for all students who need A-level chemistry tuition.

Another reason is that I believe that online education is the future of education. Distance learning or remote learning has been around for a long time. And in a post-COVID world, online learning is becoming more mainstream in the school system and becoming more accepted by parents.

So, it makes sense that a tutoring company would graduate from offering face-to-face tutoring to a more environmentally sustainable online format.

Tuition Options Based On A Sliding Financial Contribution 

My company's third core value is that I offer tuition options on a sliding financial contribution by the parents.

I believe that tution is an excellent financial investment by parents in their child's education. It allows a child to quickly identify their weaknesses in a subject, strengthen these weaknesses, earn a grade that is reflective of their knowledge in the subject and complete a course with a feeling of confidence that they did their best.

However, I am aware that some parents may not be able to afford tuition. When I was putting the company together I made sure that I leveled the playing field and was able to offer tuition in some format to all students regardless of whether they could afford the fees.

I decided to used a tiered approach to my tution service. 

Parents can either have their child work with me one-on-one or in a group setting. And if they are unable to afford the fees their child can enrol in my free masterclass.

It's important to me that students have access to quality tution. This is why I offer several tiers of service for my clients - from one to one sessions, group sessions or a free masterclass.

Children Can Learn At Their Own Pace

My company's fourth core value is that children should be able to learn at their own pace. This value is a reflection of my own educational experience. When I was in school there were some children that found school to be rather easy and quickly got the concept being taught in class. And there were other children that took longer to grasp the concept.

The same applied when I was at university. There were some courses that I found to be rather easy and some courses that I really had to work at in order to pass! And there were some courses that I wish I could watch the lecture again to review what the teacher was teaching so that I could understand the concept.

Of course in those days this was a wish that couldn't be granted because the technology wasn't available.

Online Courses To Bridge The Learning Gap 

So I decided that in addition to offering a tutoring service I would also create online courses that the students could complete on their time. And hopefully, this would bridge the gap between what they knew and what they needed to know in order to pass the course.

This idea came to me because I realised that I was a life long learner and was always taking an online course. And if I wanted to learn something then I would search YouTube for a video that taught me what I wanted to know.

And I also knew that today's students were 

also searching the internet and YouTube looking for answers to questions about A-level Chemistry.

Now some of the resources on the internet and YouTube provide good, clear explanations of A-level Chemistry topics. And other resources may be were not as good.

So rather than have an unequal playing field of resources and videos for students I thought that I would create an online course for my students.

A resource that I wish that I had when I was in school and university.

This Is How The Ideas For My Company Were Formed

And so this is the story of how I formed my tutoring company.

Its a company whose core values reflect my own educational experience and fills in the gaps that I see in the education system today. It provides a service and resources that I wish that I had when I was in school!

It's also a modern company - one that's built from the ground up using the latest that technology has to offer.

It's a modern company with modern values and ideals for today's modern chemists.

I decided to create a company that I wish existed when I was in school in order to help todays modern A-level chemists.