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The A-Level Chemistry Masterclass

Thanks for joining the waitng list for my A-level Chemistry masterclass! I'll let you know when the class becomes available so please check your e-mail! Meanwhile check out the course syllabus and student testimonials below!

The A-Level Chemistry Masterclass

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Masterclass Syllabus

Year 12 Topics

Atomic Structure

Amount Of Substance




Chemical Equilibria, Le Chatelier's Principle, Kc

Oxidation, Reduction And Redox Equations


Group 2 The Alkaline Earth Metals

Group 7 The Halogens

Introduction To Organic





Organic Analysis

Year 13 Topics


Rate Equations

Equilibrium Constant Kp For Homogeneous Systems

Electrode Potentials And Electrochemical Cells

Acids And Bases

Property Of Period 3 Elements And Their Oxides

Transistion Metals

Reactions Of Ions In Aqueous Solution

Optical Isomerism

Aldehydes And Ketones

Carboxylic Acids And Derivatives

Aromatic Chemistry



Amino Acids, Proteins And DNA

Organic Synthesis

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy


Masterclass has been designed to work with the following exam boards


What My Previous Students Are Saying

Jacob Kowalczyk

I was so lost in A-level chemistry and had no idea what was going on in my classes. Then I found this masterclass on the internet. It has saved my grade and my chances of going to university. The classes are really in-depth and are taught really well. Now I finally get A-level chemistry!

Earned An A* In A Level Chemistry

Studying Medicine At UCL

Elella stephens

I was worried about taking A-level chemistry because I heard it was really hard. The way this masterclass is taught just works for me. At the end of each class I feel like I have learned a lot. The topics are hard but the class make it easy. Definitely worth it!

Earned An A* In A Level Chemistry

Studying Medicine At University of LiverPool

What sets this course apart

Student Accessible

Students can access the lesson content when it is convenient for them. The course content is updated weekly so the content is always update and contains resources that students need in order to be successful.

Student Driven

The topic of the masterclass is based upon what students have requested be taught in the next class. Therefore, the classes are current and cover course content and sample problems on which  students need help.

Student Focused

The class is taught from the student perspective. Each class contains sample questions and detailed solutions. Common misconceptions are pointed out along with test taking tips so that students can earn the most points on the test.

What You'll Learn

The program takes a concept that is taught in either Year 12 or Year 13 and breaks it down into a series of masterclasses. Each masterclass is based on the three areas that I focus on in my teaching so that you will learn and retain the maximum amount of knowledge in the minimum amount of time.

Course Content

A main concept is taught in-depth according to the specification. Sample questions are completed in order to reinforce the understanding of the concept being taught using easy to follow steps.

Exam Preparation

Test taking skills are taught using sample PPQ, You'll learn how to correctly use QOL in a question. And you'll learn how to earn all of the marks for a question and avoid the traps set by the examiner.

Exam Psychology

Motivational strategies are taught so that you can overcome self-doubt about your abilities in A-level Chemistry. And you will learn how to build a positive mindset that will help you complete the course.

Meet Your Host

Graeme Matthews


Graeme Matthews has been teaching university, college and A-level Chemistry for over 23 years. He has taught over 10,000 students in his teaching career. He has a proven track record of helping students earn an A* on their A-level chemistry exams so they can attend the univeristy of their choice.

Previous Students

James Stevens

Studying Chemistry At The University Of Nottingham 

I used to spend hours studying for exams and still earn a C. I used to hate exams and get really worried on the day. Now, I know how to study for tests and exams and I feel a lot more confident about taking exams. I would recommend these classes to anyone who wants to do well in school and go to university.

Earned An A* In A Level Chemistry

Fiona Rose

Studying Medicine At UEA

I was hesistant at first to sign up for something on the internet. The idea that I could earn an A* grade in A level chemistry sounded too good to be true. But, I signed up for the weekly masterclass and worked hard. I have improved my course grade by 3 letter grades and am on track to earn an A*!”

Earned An A* In A Level Chemistry

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