Really engaging tutor with so many resources that will challenge, enhance and bring excitement to your learning. I feel really motivated in the lessons and with my A-levels. The extensive support I have been given under Graeme`s tutelage has been fantastic. I would highly recommend!



Student Who Earned An A On Her UCAS Exam

I am a mature student who has had very little chemistry experience having left school 36 years ago.

I applied to university having no A levels and had to undertake chemistry, biology and physics as a foundation year which I had to pass to continue with my degree.  I was finding it difficult to understand any of my chemistry lectures and practicals.  I then found Graeme.  Graeme managed to bring back my level of chemistry`s essential knowledge, gradually, by identifying the gaps and filling the gaps. At the same time, we worked on the current curriculum, which Graeme knows very well. I was no longer behind in my understanding of the chemistry topics taught at university.  I moved up to an A by Easter. For my exam, I worked really hard, but Graeme had built up my confidence in chemistry, and I was amazed about how calm and confident I was on exam days.  I actually achieved a high A in my chemistry foundation (distinction)

I was a foundation student that always struggled with understanding chemistry and I would only ever achieve a D grade at best during lessons at university. With Graeme’s tutoring, I managed to achieve an A grade in A level chemistry.  Graeme teaches the specification to the finest detail which is what earned me the highest grade and his time and generous effort spent on me during and outside of the sessions meant I could obtain amazing results in the exams and I could not have done it without him.

Ms A. Phelan

Student Who Earned An A In Her A-level Chemistry Course As Part Of Her Foundation Year In University


Graeme is a fantastic tutor who well understand tutee`s needs. He explain the subject clearly and not only focusing his tutee to achieve an outstanding marks but to developing confidences. He is tutoring Chemistry to our daughter who is on year 12 and we are entirely satisfied with him.

With best wishes Dr. Graeme.

Mr. Habbi

Student Who Moved From A B In The Course To An A* On The Exam


He is a great tutor and explains the subject really well. He will also teach you how to study and take the exam which is not always taught in schools. his teaching make sense. Very happy with teaching.
Thank you
J. Sakmani (student )

Student Who Moved From An E In Class To A C On His Exam


Graeme has been working with my son for a month now, including a week of intensive revision sessions over the Easter holiday. My son is taking AS Chemistry in a few weeks and was struggling with some of the course work. He now seems a lot more confident and that is partly due to Graeme`s excellent mentoring and dedicated one-to-one approach. I highly recommend him. He is very patient and good with young people.

Mrs H. Jacques

Student Who Moved From A U In Class To A C On His Exam
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Dr. Graeme is an excellent tutor, he puts a lot of effort in his lesson, he helped my daughter to build up her confidence, supportive and very good in giving exam tips . I recommend him for everyone.

Dr. El-Aalem

Student Who Earned An A On Her Exam