A-Level Mark Schemes: 5 Ways They Can Help Your Child Get an A* in A-Level Chemistry!

As a parent, are you concerned about how your child is using mark schemes as part of their revision strategy? Are you concerned that they seem to be completing a seemingly endless amount of past paper questions and not improving their grade in the course? Are you confused as to what value mark schemes have in your child's revision for their upcoming exams?

Tutor Websites: Should I Hire A Tutor Directly Through One For My Child?

So, is there an alternative to the franchise tutoring companies? The answer is yes! The first alternative to be considered is hiring the teacher directly through a tutoring website. If you Google private tutors in a given subject a lot of the search results besides the franchise tutoring company advertisements are for tutor websites that allow tutors to advertise their services to prospective clients.

Need A Tutor? Should I Go With A Franchise Tutor For My Child?

Have you noticed the billboard advertisements on your daily commute into work for the franchise tutoring agencies? Maybe you have noticed the advertisements for the tutoring agencies on the side of the local buses or tubes? Or maybe you have noticed the flyers for the tutoring agencies in your junk mail that arrives in the mail along with your monthly bills. Have you noticed that they all follow the same format? A child is seen smiling as they work with their private tutor as they sit around a table. Or another child is seen holding up their A-level results letter which states they have earned A* or A grades on their exams and are going off to the university of their choice. Or another advertisement states that their franchise tutoring agencies almost guarantees an A* or A grade on the final exam of A-level courses.

How To Solve Maths Based A-Level Chemistry Problems If You Don’t Like Maths

As I teach and tutor A level Chemistry I notice that some of my students find the maths used in solving computation type problems easy to follow and others seem to find these types of problems the area where they lose the most points on their end of topic exams. Does one of these scenarios sound like you? Do you wish there was an easier way to solve these types of problems and achieve a good grade in A level Chemistry?